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Detailed Risk Report

Due to embodying some risks arising from the property’s location, technical features or several comments and explanations in official land registry papers, some types of real estate should be carefully and deeply examined before any trade action. This examination cannot be comprehensive enough within 48 hours that our team allocates for Quick Risk Report. By these means, there can be a suggestion in your Quick Risk Report that a Detailed Risk Report would help better to your case. The cost for having this report would be also stated in Quick Risk Report. Due to this dual system in our reporting, a demand for directly having a Detailed Risk Report usually cannot be accepted. However, if you click on “Get a Quote” section on our website, one of our experts would contact you to provide information on our Detailed Risk Report service. If your intended property has suitable features, then our expert may guide you to buy a Detailed Risk Report in a direct way.

What's in the Report?

  • Individual user
  • Prepared after Quick Risk Report
  • Cannot be purchased directly
  • Explains all the problems that cannot be investigated within the 48 hours as in Quick Risk Report
  • Price offer available in Quick Risk Report
  • The preparation time of the report may vary depending on the features of the property
  • Contact via phone or e-mail
  • All risk assessments including legal risks, zoning status and location-related issues
  • Specifically tailored analysis for each case and suggestions by our experts
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