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Which Problems Do We Solve?

In Turkey, almost all the processes in real estate business, such as buying real estate properties, developing real estate projects, or having real estate guarantees, have some risks that are hard to understand. When these risks are not considered in a professional way; buying, selling, or other operations may create unsolvable problems. The best method to protect you from these problems is taking the property into consideration in every aspect and making a future-oriented risk projection. “Hukuka Uygun” is designed to report these risks that you may encounter in the future and to protect you from them. 

Quick Risk Report

Quick Risk Report

Considers legal and technical risks in every manner. Ready to be sent to you within 48 hours.

  • Individual user
  • Suitable for one-time and basic purchases
  • Ready within only 48 hours
  • No software or robots are used
  • Specifically tailored analysis for each case and suggestions by our experts
Detailed Risk Report

Detailed Risk Report

A detailed report for the problems that cannot be investigated within the 48-hour period during which quick risk report is prepared.

  • Individual user
  • Prepared after Quick Risk Report
  • Cannot be purchased directly
  • Explains all the problems that cannot be investigated within the 48 hours as in Quick Risk Report
  • Price offer available in Quick Risk Report
Investment Consultancy

Investment Consultancy

Our consultancy service for your investments including megaprojects, comprehensive and multiple real estate property acquisitions.

  • Corporate or professional user
  • One-to-one, 24/7 available consultancy service
  • All benefits from our interdisciplinary knowledge in law, urban planning, finance and architecture at any time
  • A brand-new approach that put real estate risks in the centre of analysis
  • The development of high-income projects like tourism, residentials and shopping malls
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