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"Hukuka Uygun"

By visiting the   website, you are deemed to have accepted all the obligations and rules below.

All intellectual and industrial property rights, including all kinds of information, product and customer comments on the Hukuka Uygun website, excluding those belonging to third parties with a contract and using it partially or completely belongs to the   website.

The Hukuka Uygun website may request some personal information from its customers during membership. Requested information such as name, surname, e-mail address, TR Identity Number, financial data belonging to customers are protected by Hukuka Uygun in a way that other members cannot access within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. All online credit card transactions and approvals are handled by Hukuka Uygun independently with the relevant bank. Personal information in the Hukuka Uygun system can be recorded, used and shared indefinitely for the delivery/sale of products and services by Hukuka Uygun and its suppliers, product/service fee-cost collections and various promotions, advertisements, communications, sales.

Customers can request the use-processing of personal data and/or the stopping of commercial electronic communications sent to them at any time without any justification. Personal data processing and/or sending of electronic commercial messages are stopped after customers' requests on this matter reach Hukuka Uygun.

For your buys on the Hukuka Uygun website, the terms of the Distance Sales Agreement that you will see during each transaction will apply. In the case of returns, the customer is required to submit an invoice for the products.

Hukuka Uygun reserves the right to make any changes in all articles of this Confidentiality Agreement and in the products, services and opportunities offered.

The data used in Hukuka Uygun services are largely based on the records and information kept by the official institutions of the Republic of Turkey.

This data is processed by Hukuka Uygun experts and turned into a meaningful whole. Data that cannot be revealed even by an expert's examination, hidden defects in manufacturing or property, errors, fraud, threats, fraudulent activities, unclaimed and unregistered third party claims, unfair investigations and follow-ups without legal basis, illegality of the institutions responsible for zoning. regulatory and/or individual transactions, legal statuses, debts, sanctions and regulations that did not occur at the time the service is provided, errors and inaccuracies that may occur in official data, changes that may arise after the measurement made in transactions that require measurement and on-site detection, changes that may occur during the services, the person and/or incompatibilities caused by giving false information to the public, financial institutions and third parties in order to hide the truth are out of the scope and guarantee of the service. In addition, due to the nature of the Quick Report Service, risks that are known but need further investigation are excluded from the scope by stating this situation in the Quick Report. Our services are provided by experts in the field. Expertise evaluation is made by measuring profession, experience and analysis abilities, and your feedback regarding success criteria is evaluated by us. 

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