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What is “Hukuka Uygun”?
Hukuka Uygun is an expertise service that offers risk assessment, risk analysis and consultation by experts professionally working on legal and technical sides of real estate. 
Hukuka Uygun’s effort and claim are to research, analyse and explain every aspect of real estate business, in particular legal and technical areas.  
Hukuka Uygun provides high level of consultancy service about large-scale real estate investments and current property problems waiting for a solution. 
Hukuka Uygun’s mission is to minimise the problems happening in real estate trade and investments, therefore, to be the first address that people can ask for advice.
Faik Çalışan

Faik Çalışan

Our Founder

Our team and I have been working on real estate law and business for a long time. Cadastral issues, development plans, administrational appeals, architectural projects, finance and real estate litigations have always been central to our work. Hukuka Uygun is an entrepreneurial business that has its basis on this knowledge and experience, and hopefully, it will bring a novel vision to real estate sector. Our aim is to make Turkey’s real estate market safer, more global and riskless area to invest. To acknowledge all the risks regarding your real estate trade actions, ask us and make it legal.



What is "Hukuka Uygun"

What is significant about Hukuka Uygun?


Hukuka Uygun’s method is to bring interdisciplinary information together and tailor it carefully by our experts for every other individual case. Every property has its speacial and different features. These features can only be well-presented if long-time experience and comprehensive knowledge is harmonised. 
On the one hand, Hukuka Uygun makes real estate trade and investment process more foreseeable by offering its customers quick and detailed risk reports, which provide prospective risk analysis on individual cases in a short time. On the other, it offers consultancy services for its corporate customers such as the determination and development of the property, the management of legal and technical processes. Hukuka Uygun allocates all the great experience that our team, consisting of expert urban planners, lawyers, engineers and architects, has into every other customer’s needs to explain them the risks of their case.
With its motivation to bring an enterprising and unique perspective to the real estate business, Hukuka Uygun focuses on producing interdisciplinary knowledge by teamwork and creating the next projection of real estate market.

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